1. In a cool spot, out of the sun, place cooler on a convenient table or bar. Then fill cooler with ice (this is very important if you want cold beer).
2. Connect tubing as shown – grey are gas tubes, white are beer tubes.
3. Remove protective Stellenbrau branded plastic around keg coupling.
4. Place coupler onto keg coupling and lift handle up, then turn the coupler a quarter turn clockwise to stop. Now press down on handle until it locks.
5. Open gas cylinder on top– check pressure, it should be 2.5 bar.Please don’t fiddle with the regulator.
6. Pour a beer into a waste glass or bucket until the line is clear with beer without foam (approx 1 litre, by pulling back on tap leaver.
7. Adjust the flow of beer using leaver on the right side of the tap – it must be slow enough not to foam and cool beer.
8. You are now ready to enjoy an ice cold Stellenbrau! Pour your beer slowly onto the edge of the glass, to reduce foaming. Sit back and enjoy.





Beer foaming (the most common problem) is usually caused by warm beer. To prevent this, do the following:
1. Make sure that there is sufficient ice in the ice box and the water is being drained out.
2. Adjust the tap to pour slower.
3. Tilt the glass at a 45° angle and pour onto the side close to the top. As your glass fills, you can return it to a vertical position.
Other causes include:
1. Kink or obstruction in beer line (white tube)
2. Gas pressure too low or too high (it should be 2.5 bar)
3. Coupler not fitted properly


If the beer is not pouring at all, is very slow please check if:

1. The beer must be pulled through the line before ice is added.
2. The gas supply is off (also check some of the regulators as they have a shut off tap that leads onto the gas supply)
3. The gas pressure is too low (it should be 2.5 bar)
4. The gas is empty
5. There are kinks or obstructions in the beer line
6. The keg coupler is properly connected
7. The tubes are correctly connected