Deon Engelbrecht left a high-flying financial world behind to start the brewery in Stellenbosch in 2011. Deon draws his inspiration for Stellenbrau from the town’s legends.



Stellenbrau was the first craft brewery to set up shop in the historic Stellenbosch. Deon Engelbrecht arrived in the Eikestad in 2011 and by June 2012 the first beers were flowing into the kegs.


Deon has a head for business and he is not one to get caught up in the hype of the latest trend. With opportunity knocking, the Stellenbrau’s philosophy has been a straightforward one from the beginning: keep it simple. A belief that there is sophistication in simplicity. They therefore only have a few, very drinkable beers in their range. Simplicity, unity and passion are the three fundamental pillars of Stellenbrau’s success story.


Deon and his team set out to build Stellenbrau’s brand around the story of the brewery’s home base, Stellenbosch. Drawing inspiration of the legends in history and the surrounding landscape.


Named after Dr Danie Craven, a visionary and legend in Stellenbosch who stood up for his values, Craven Craft Lager is a light golden lager with a refreshing bitterness thanks to the noble hops being balanced by a rich maltiness, making it a great everyday lager. At Stellenbrau we also have high values. The beers are brewed using traditional methods, without any shortcuts. We believe consistency and quality are key and implemented this right from the start. Quality ingredients are equally important – that is why Stellenbrau uses yeast imported and malted barley from Germany, one of Europe’s great beer-brewing nations.

Alumni Ale, is a beer paying homage to the university town the brewery calls home. Heavier than the lager, this amber-coloured ale has a foundation of caramel yeastiness, offset by the crisp bite of hops. With its lingering smoky aftertaste and balanced honey sweetness, this is a great beer for the evening.


The Jonkers Weiss, on the other hand, is ideal for a hot summer day. This traditional Hefeweizen ticks all the right boxes for an unfiltered wheat beer, with hints of fresh banana on the nose and a full fruity mouthful on the palate. Serve chilled in a tall glass to make the most of the smooth yeastiness and gentle bitterness. The Weiss tips its hat to the scenic Jonkershoek Valley beyond town.


Named after Governor Simon van der Stel, founder of Stellenbosch, the most interesting beer in the range is the Governor’s Red. It is made with the same lager as the Craven Craft, and the magic ingredients in this golden beer are the famous rooibos and honeybush, plants endemic to the Western Cape. Leaves of these two iconic fynbos species are added to the copper kettles during brewing, contributing a fragrant sweetness to this crisp, malty lager with an unmistakable taste of the Cape. The beer has proven so successful that the recipe for rooibos brewing has been patented.


Visitors can enjoy these four signature beers when visiting the brewery at The Woodmill on the outskirts of Stellenbosch.


Coming Soon! Watch this space for some exciting new Stellenbrau beers.