Dear Beer Lovers,

At Stellenbrau we will always go the extra mile to ensure you get the best out of our equipment and kegs.

We do charge a R500 cash deposit in case of damage. Don’t worry, if you manage to make it through the whole night without breaking anything you will get your full deposit back. Our kegs are in high demand so if you return the unit a day or two late we will charge an extra R100 per day. This may come off you deposit.

Upon pickup, please take a few minutes to thoroughly inspect everything with one of the Stellenbrau employees to ensure it is all in working condition and that you understand how everything works, we don’t want your day to be ruined if something is not working.

Please book in advance so we don’t have to say: "sorry, we are all booked up".

Please complete the form below:

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Please put some money in our bank, so we can put beer in your bellies.

Standard Bank | Account number: 243273096 | Branch code: 050610 Proof of payment to be forwarded to

Thank you for your continued support!


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