Our Beers

“Beer, if drunk with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit and promotes health,” – Thomas Jefferson

Using only the best ingredients available, Stellenbrau head brewer, Stephen De Jager will even go as far as Germany to import the finest barley, so determined is he to get just the right taste and perfect his craft.

Other great news is that Stellenbrau beers are easy on the waistline. Scientifically verified nutritional analysis reveals the brews to be low in kilojoules and carbs alike, which should encourage those watching their sugar and carbohydrate intake not to ‘fear the beer’. Containing no preservatives and made with pure and natural ingredients, our beer is made to be enjoyed and savoured.

Craven Craft Lager

Voted top lager at the Global Craft Beer Awards in Berlin in 2014, this light golden-coloured beer features a well attenuated body and a perfect degree of noble hop bitterness.

It has a rich foamy head and easy drinking character. A rich malt aftertaste completes this lager to perfection.

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Alumni Ale

A golden-coloured beer, almost coppery, with deep plummy and delicate strawberry accents. The malt foundation is of caramel breadiness with a fresh, bitter hop sensation.

The rich foamy head with a lingering smoky after taste with balanced honey sweetness perfects this ale.

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Governor's Red Lager

A golden-coloured lager with an alluring, slightly ‘wild’ undertone from rooibos. A creamy head filled with distinctive floral notes and subtle honeybush aromas.

Palate filling, it retains the crisp bitter sensation of a true lager simultaneously retaining the traditional maltiness of a classic-brewed beer.

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Jonkers Weiss

A golden-yellow Hefeweizen with a deep, refreshing banana aroma that is rounded off by a delicious fruity accent. Full bodied, with smooth yeast taste and mildly hopped finish.

This Weiss is brewed using the Weihenstephan yeast strain - celebrated worldwide for its alluring banana and clove aromas. A remarkable Weiss foam head rounds off this memorable beer.

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