Keg Parties

What could be better than enjoying draughts of fresh, cold craft beer straight from a 30-litre keg? It’s convenient, easy to assemble and perfect for any occasion.

We have over 300 kegs available - choose between the Craven Craft Lager, Alumni Ale, Governor’s Red Lager and Jonker's Weiss.

To ensure you receive the keg that best suits your event, we have a variety of different units.

  • An icebox unit that is perfect for camping or hunting.
  • An electric unit that works great for corporate functions or weddings.
  • An apple crate styled draught system that is ideal for more informal functions or country style events.

All you have to do is fill in the Rental Agreement and you're good to go!


Pair our Craven Craft Lager with Prawn, Red Pepper and Butternut Skewers, served with a Sweet Chili Sauce.
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