Oktoberfest at Hillcrest Quarry

23 October 2015

On 23 and 24 October make your way to the Windhoek Oktoberfest at Hillcrest Quarry, the only Oktoberfest in Africa where authentic German traditions are celebrated in a great atmosphere and fuelled by Namibian passion. Come prepared to feast on delicious, authentic German food, to enjoy traditional games and activities, awesome entertainment and not forgetting excellent beer. This fun-filled event is one for the whole family so do bring the kids along, there are planned activities that will keep them entertained all day.

Sit back and soak up the festive spirit as you snack on Brezeln (large pretzels) and sip on your beer because nothing seems to go better with a beer than true German comfort food. For more information visit, www.windhoekoktoberfest.com




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